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Track, receive, send. All in one app

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    Tip! Easily indicate in the app where each bpost parcel can be delivered when you are not at home.

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    My bpost

    My bpost app: all your shipments in your own hands

    Not home yet, still at work, or just prefer to pick up your parcel nearby? With the My bpost app you’re in charge of all your parcels, including those from other deliverers. Follow your parcels and set which updates are important for you for each parcel. Say goodbye to lost parcels and hello to hassle-free deliveries.

    Where to deliver? You choose!

    Tell us where we can deliver your parcels and we’ll take care of it. Need to pop out? Then change your delivery preference on the go. You can even do it for each parcel and until 5 minutes before the delivrery. Prefer to have registered mail delivered to your letterbox? No problem!

    Save time and money

    Sending a parcel to Boom or Burundi? Use the app to create your shipping label in just a few taps and enjoy the best prices right from the start.


    Personalise and centralise

    Choosing your own parcel names like ‘Surprise for Boris’ or ‘Returning trousers’ makes it easier to keep track. You can even add parcels from other deliverers and centralise all your shipments in the My bpost app.

    Pay import costs securely

    Expecting a parcel from outside the EU? No need to worry about import costs. Simply pay them securely through the app. This way you are sure the request is coming from bpost and protect yourself against phishing.

    Download the free app

    Download the app

    What our customers say


    The app makes it very easy to track parcels. A map with live location tracking, and a live countdown of the amount of stops that need to be made before reaching your location is excellent.


    Works perfectly and much better than the previous version with performance issues. Even works with packages from other delivery companies, all in all a great app!


    Very helpful. I love the delivery tracking precision. Whoever decided to do it deserves a raise. I like getting my deliveries through the Belgian post better than through the competitors because the postman "knows" you and you "know" him. It helps with the quirks that sometimes happen like a wrongly filled address or name.


    Works like a charm, easily configure your delivery preferences, get the bare minimum of notifications and has a dark mode. Great app!


    Very perfect..thanks for such a quick delivery and safe as well..👍🏿👍🏿


    Easy to use once you have an account, handy keeping track, don't forget to allow the use of location if you want to open a locker with the app

    Download the free app now!

    Download the free app now!

    Download the app

    You can follow all your parcels with the My bpost app. Also those from other postal services. bpost parcels linked to your email addresses in the My bpost app are added automatically. It is easy to add other parcels in the app:

    • Click on ‘add a shipment’ on the app start screen
    • Enter the parcel's barcode number or scan the barcode with the app.
    • Select the postal service from the list. If your postal service is not in the list, send us a message via the app. We will add it to the current list.
    • Enter the postcode of the delivery address.

    The My bpost app is your gateway to various bpost services. You can track parcels, set your delivery preferences, settle import charges and so much more…

    See the status of parcels in Track & Trace
    You can track all your parcels in the app. That includes parcels delivered by other companies. Most bpost parcels are shown automatically in the app. You can add other parcels by scanning the barcode or manually entering the barcode number. You receive status updates to ensure you always know where your parcel is. You can choose which parcels you want to receive status updates for.

    Set your delivery preferences for parcels
    In the delivery preferences you can choose where a parcel is left if you are not home up to five minutes before delivery:

    • your preferred neighbour
    • a safe place in or around your home
    • your preferred pick-up point or parcel locker

    You can also have your parcel delivered straight to a pick-up point or parcel locker.

    Set your delivery preferences for registered mail
    In the app you can also set as your preference that registered mail is delivered to your letterbox without you having to sign for it. You receive an email as soon as a registered mail item is delivered to your letterbox. You need your ID card to activate this service in the app.

    Create a shipping label
    You always need to affix a shipping label to parcels before dropping them off for shipment. You can create and pay for shipping labels in the app. You can then print the shipping label at home or at a post office or post point.

    Settle import charges
    When receiving parcels from outside the EU you will generally have to pay import charges. You can settle these charges securely in the My bpost app.

    Open screenless Parcel Lockers
    You can use our screenless Parcel Lockers to send, receive or return parcels. To open these Parcel Lockers you need to use the My bpost app.

    Sometimes we only receive the barcode from the sender at a later moment in time. As a result, you cannot follow your parcel. In that case, try again later.

    Double check that you entered the correct barcode and postcode. Be sure to select the correct postal service from the list. If you don't know the name of the postal service, select 'I don't know'. If you know the name of the postal service but it's not in our list, send us a message via the app. We will add it to the current list.

    Unfortunately the My bpost app (still) isn't available for tablets. You can download the app on your smartphone via Google Play or the App Store.

    Download the app:

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