Increase your impact and your ROI with an up-to-date address file

Keep client data up to date

Keep client data up to date

Increase your impact and your ROI with an up-to-date address file

  • Quickly spot doubled-up addresses, errors and out-of-date details
  • Communicate more efficiently and reduce the number of returns
  • Keep all your clients in sight

The success or failure of a campaign depends on an up-to-date address file. Establish a data-cleaning and master-data-maintenance schedule to ensure you check your address database regularly, and especially before you send out a Direct Mail. Because in just one year, your client data changes by 20%: people move home, there are deaths, divorces, etc. Eliminate doubled-up data and discover quick, convenient changes of address with our tool for master data management. You’ll increase your data quality, avoid unnecessary costs and your campaigns will always be delivered to the right person.

This is how you fight against out-of-date address data

1.Data audits: a health check for your data

Request your free audit. Your address data is made available to us via a secure drive. Our experienced team analyses your data thoroughly. Within five workdays, you’ll receive a detailed overview of out-of-date and missing details. After this audit, you’ll be able to have your data adjusted and updated.

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2.Master-data maintenance: stay up to date with changing addresses

Thanks to Movers Flag, you know who has moved, so that you can adjust these details in your master database. Choose Movers Update and we will go a step further. You’ll receive the address details of clients that have moved – including their new address.

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3.Database cleaning: keep addresses up to date with data cleaning

Would you rather get the spring cleaning of your database done straight away? Give your data a powerful boost with a one-time data clean-up or update. Of have your database regularly checked and serviced. Because when your data’s in top form, you perform better, with a higher campaign conversion rate as a result.

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