How does a crypto stamp work?

Crypto stamp

Launching on 21 October 2024

How does a crypto stamp work?

You don’t just get a digital twin with your paper stamp. It’s an NFT, or non-fungible token, which has a certificate stating that you are the owner of this little artwork. You can keep the digital twin in a crypto wallet, i.e. a wallet in which you collect valuable certificates. But you can also exchange or trade it.

    How do you save your digital twin in your wallet?

    1 Discover the colour of your digital twin

    There are 2 ways to see the colour:

    • If your smartphone has an NFC chip and you bring it close to the stamp, the digital twin will automatically appear on your screen.
    • No NFC chip yet? Then scan the QR code on the back of your stamp.



    2 Create your own crypto wallet

    Don’t have a crypto wallet yet? Surf to on your computer or laptop, download the extension and follow the steps to open a crypto wallet.


    3 Link your crypto wallet to

    Surf to and click on ‘Connect wallet’. Log in with the MetaMask extension. Your crypto wallet is connected, and you can now see your digital twin.


    4Change your network to Polygon

    Your MetaMask extension is set to the Etherium network. Click on ‘Switch network’ and select Polygon.


    5 Final step: save your digital twin in your wallet

    • Carefully remove the foil on the back of your crypto stamp. Scan the QR code with your webcam and enter the secret code which is also on the back of the stamp.
    • In your MetaMask wallet, click op ‘Transfer stamp into your wallet’ and then on ‘Claim crypto stamp’.
    • Your digital twin is now in your wallet!

    Perhaps you still have one of these questions

    We recommend saving them in your personal wallet. Because your NFT is in a temporary digital location.