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bpost, your gateway to Belgium
6 February 2024 - 3 Minutes leestijd

In Utrecht, Webwinkel Vakdagen took place at the end of January, the largest e-commerce fair in the low countries. As bpost can be quite useful to Dutch webshops with international delivery, its presence at this event was indispensable. Business Development Manager Nino Versfeld and his colleagues manned the bpost exhibition stand that displayed a fitting slogan: bpost, your gateway to Belgium.

Webwinkel Vakdagen has been the place to be for the whole e-commerce sector for years now, and the 2024 edition did not break with this tradition. Thanks to an abundance of inspiring speakers and exhibitors and the wealth of interesting informal conversations between participants, the fair once again proved its worth as a particularly valuable two-day event.

All manner of participants turned up, from (digital) shops from a range of sectors to platforms and payment service providers. Of course, as regards partners who can bring the operation of a webshop to a higher level, parcel delivery services are first in line. Which is where bpost comes in, as a crucial linchpin in the logistic strategy of Dutch e-commerce businesses with a Belgian customer base.

Business Development Manager Nino Versfeld looks back on the event with satisfaction. “It was nice to meet customers in a relaxed setting, while also establishing new contacts. The fair gave us the opportunity to familiarise a larger group of people with bpost and the services we offer to assist and support Dutch e-commerce businesses better.”

Need for customisation and multi-carrier strategy

Webwinkel Vakdagen has confirmed which trends matter in today's e-commerce field and made it clear what webshops should do to unburden their international customers. “To really distinguish your webshop, you need to approach your target group in even more customised ways”, Versfeld assures. Differentiation appears crucial. “In 2024, being active on various platforms is clearly important: selling via online market places such as Bol.com, Amazon of Zalando as well as your own sales channels. That's the only way to meet consumers' preferences.”

This approach of differentiation and customisation also requires an efficient multi-carrier strategy. While in the past international e-commerce players used to ship their products all over Europe by just the one carrier, today it is preferable to make use of a system of multiple specialised hauliers. “Online end consumers prefer to decide for themselves who will come knocking at their door to deliver their packages.”

Bpost, your gateway to Belgium

One size fits all no longer applies, Versfeld explains. “Of course, the large Dutch courier companies deliver in Belgium, but why wouldn't you call upon the number one carrier in Belgium? Bpost knows the Belgian market better than anyone. This knowledge shortens the distance between the Dutch webshop and the Belgian consumer, as it guarantees a high quality of delivery and customised service.”

In a fragrance cloud of freshly baked waffles – in anticipation of the Belgian beers to be served at happy hour! – visitors to the stand were informed of the specific solutions offered by bpost. As they learned about the many options, such as collection points and lockers, they soon realised that bpost, your gateway to Belgium is more than just a slogan.

Looking for expertise in Belgian Online Consumer?

Versfeld considers the knowledge of the Belgian market bpost has built up thanks to its key position and its long-standing experience to be a tremendous asset. This was also a focal point at the fair. “At the event, we familiarised the Dutch e-commerce businesses with bpost, but also with the Belgian online consumer. Though the latter is very similar to the Dutch consumer as regards delivery preferences, there are nevertheless some differences. It is crucial for webshops to be aware of this and to accommodate everyone's needs.”

“We are ready to help Dutch e-commerce companies to grow in Belgium”, is Nino Versfeld's conclusion on looking back at a very rewarding fair. “By providing our products, data-solutions and various other services, but also by sharing insights gained from our position as the expert on the Belgian market. Hence our appeal: all those who would like more information on the Belgian consumer or regarding our services, are welcome to contact us anytime for an informal talk.”


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