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23 October 2023 - 4 Minutes leestijd
The cosiest – and busiest – time of the year is almost upon us, bringing with it peak numbers of packages and letters to deliver to your customers on time. Each year around this time, bpost steps up its efforts to make sure your shipments are delivered on time, so you and your customers will be able to enjoy worry-free holiday celebrations.


Bpost will do everything it takes to deliver your packages to your customers on time. Even during the holiday season, you can rely on bpost. We are not awaiting new year's day to make our resolutions and keep them. Your customers will receive the most outrageous Black Friday deals on time, Sinterklaas won't forget a single child, and there will be no shortage of presents under the Christmas tree.



How will we manage to keep our resolutions before the new year begins? Based on the volumes processed in past years and on predictions for the holiday season package rush in 2023, we are increasing our sorting capacity by 10% for the duration of the winter festive season. We manage this by bringing extra staff on board and putting in additional working hours, but also by focusing on efficiency and optimisation.

1. Sorting more items and for longer.
First and foremost, we are increasing our sorting capacity by allocating more time for the sorting of packages. Our transport plan is being adjusted to accommodate the holiday season rush. This allows the bpost team to distribute all packages efficiently and promptly to their final destinations, including yours!

2. Swift delivery to sorting centers
Swift delivery of all packages to sorting centers is crucial during the holiday season. Bpost is providing additional parking spaces to avoid truck queues and prevent delays. In and around its sorting centers, bpost has added extra containers and storage spaces, creating extra room to handle large volume packages smoothly. And rest assured: Sinterklaas and Santa Claus won't be the only ones working nights to complete all deliveries. Bpost is providing more package reception docks at night, which further accelerates processing before the packages are sent off to their final destinations.

3. Additional workforce
Our 11,000 mail carriers will not be left to cope on their own during the coming year-end peak period. We have hired temporary staff and enlisted the services of over 600 employees from bpost's headquarters to ensure smooth package distribution and see to it that you and your customers will enjoy worry-free holidays. The entire bpost team is geared to make a roaring success of this holiday season. We are, after all, 'the biggest team in Belgium' for a reason...

4. Opening hours and closing days
During the holiday season, bpost extends its opening hours. On Wednesday, 01/11 (All Saints' Day), Saturday, 11/11 (Armistice Day), and Monday, 25/12 (Christmas Day), bpost will be closed. On 26/12, though the post offices will be closed, packages, newspapers, letters, ... will be delivered. Bpost points, parcel points and parcel lockers will remain open. Sorting centers and MassPost Centers also remain open for business, and services like Collect & Send, Collect & Stamp, and Transport will collect your shipments as agreed.

Together we will ensure that the year-end is a great success, and that every package and letter is delivered to your customers with care and love.

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