Word Add-In

Check and format your addresses in just a few clicks

Address formatting:

the module arranges address components in the right order via your Word document.

Checking addresses:

for every address submitted, the module indicates whether or not it has been recognized.

In the event of any errors detected in an address, a corrected version is suggested if possible.

Le module est entièrement intégré à la fonctionnalité standard de Microsoft Word. Il est adapté à votre manière de travailler :

  • You created a letter with the recipient's address? Select the address and click on the Validate button to get immediate feedback.
  • Are you starting a letter from scratch?
    • Click on the Insert button and capture the return and destination address.
    • After validation, they will be correctly positioned for your window envelopes.
  • Would you like to send out a mailshot?
    • The module permits to check all your addresses beforehand.