Delay parcels from United Kingdom
Due to IT problems at our partner in the United Kingdom, there are delays in the delivery of letters and parcels from the United Kingdom to Belgium. Our partner Royal Mail is working hard to solve the problem.


Web service and widgets address validation

Web service and widgets address validation

Automate correct formatting and address validation in your IT systems

Use our web service or widgets for automatic formatting and validation of the address details in your IT systems.

Web service

  • Formatting: Your IT system sends the address elements to the bpost server. The bpost server returns the full address in the correct order to your system.
  • Validation: The bpost server indicates whether each address was recognised or not. In the event of incorrect details, an improved version is suggested if one is available.

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Autocomplete widget per component

Your web app deals with address components one at a time, and you want to keep it that way? Use our autocomplete widgets per component.

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Search Bar autocomplete widget

You want to improve the address registration in your web app, and you like working with one bar for quick user input? Use the Search Bar autocomplete widget.

See an example of its implementation.


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