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Scope of the information published on this website
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Viruses and criminal offences
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Exemption clause
The product and service information published on this website may not be accurate or may contain typing errors. This information is amended periodically. bpost and/or suppliers may make amendments to this website at any time. You should not make an important decision based on the information published on this website. Please contact a competent person for specific advice tailored to your situation.
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Privacy protection
The clear policy adopted by bpost with regard to the protection of your privacy is published on the Privacy protection page. Read this page for full information on how we collect and use your personal information.

Anti-spam policy
Spamming is the sending of a large number of unsolicited emails to persons. These emails are primarily a form of advertising. This practice is not only aggressive but also overloads servers and other means of communication and accordingly prevents the proper transmission of data.
bpost does not allow its computers or network to be used to send unsolicited emails containing information or advertising.
Use of a bpost connection or a bpost server to send a large number of unsolicited emails is prohibited. Receiving replies to unsolicited emails or sending an excessive number of messages to discussion groups with a title unrelated to the title of the discussion forum or that could be deemed to be shocking or offensive or that could harm the image of Belgian Post Group or associated entities is also prohibited.
bpost reserves the right to decide whether a given message complies with the rules of a discussion group or an address list or whether it is generally deemed to be disturbing.

Confidentiality of emails
bpost ensures that your emails remain confidential but does not use email encryption at this time.
bpost reserves the right to read the information in public messages, such as messages posted in discussion groups, chat rooms or forums if it has reason to doubt the legality of the activities to which these messages refer.

bpost subscribes to the code of conduct approved by the ISPA (Internet Service Providers Association).  ISPA Belgium asbl/vzw has been formed to defend the interests of internet service providers in Belgium and promote the internet in Belgium. The code of conduct dedicated to netiquette comprises general rules of conduct and rules of courtesy for internet users. By using this website you state that you have read these rules, which are published in PDF format at http://www.ispa.be/files/code_of_conduct__x20fr.pdf).
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- You make illegal use of the services of bpost, that is in a way that is contrary to these General Terms of Use or the code of conduct or that breaches the rights of third parties.
- You circulate information in a way that is contrary to national and international rules, commonly accepted standards and values, public order, these General Terms of Use or the code of conduct.
- You circulate messages that discriminate in terms of appearance, race, faith, gender, culture or origin or are likely to be viewed as offensive.
These rules are designed to protect bpost users and create a proper and enriching online environment.

Discussion groups
bpost is not obliged to monitor any discussion group. bpost reserves the right to decide whether a given message complies with the rules of a discussion group or an address list or whether it is generally deemed to be offensive. bpost also reserves the right to edit, reject or remove documents or information in whole or in part at any time unilaterally. Furthermore, bpost reserves the right to circulate any information in response to any prevailing law or regulation, to respond to a legal or administrative order or to ensure fulfilment of its legal and contractual obligations.
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Your obligations
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Applicable law and jurisdiction
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Anti-abuse League
Let's combat abuse together! Any complaint with regard to incorrect or illegal use of the bpost network should be put in writing and sent to bpost SA, Centre Monnaie, 1000 Brussels or webmaster@bpost.be. The police service has its own website for the whole of Belgium at http://www.ecops.be.