My parcel arrived in Belgium. How long will my parcel remain at customs?

This depends on where your parcel was sent.

My parcel comes from inside the European Union

Customs is authorised to check all shipments from inside the European Union. That usually involves suspect shipments from EU member states and shipments with excisable goods inside the European Community. Your parcel doesn't usually experience extra delays.

My parcel comes from outside the European Union

These parcels undergo an import procedure by default. The handling period depends on the following two factors:

  • whether your parcel has enough information, such as the value and nature of the goods. (If that is not the case, you will receive a letter a few days later. In that case, the handling period is extended until you send the additional information). The customs clearance service of bpost checks whether VAT, customs fees or other duties have to be paid on your parcel. 
  • whether customs or other official authorities have to check your parcel. That is the case for medicine, plants and food, weapons, suspected counterfeit goods, etc. You can follow the status of your parcel online with Track & Trace and the My bpost app.

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