How to compose an address ?

A correctly written address (international and national mails)

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NamePierre Boulanger
PositionDépartement QualitéIf applicable
OrganizationbpostIf applicable
Building, floor...Bâtiment central étage 2If applicable
Street, house number, box numberRue Courtejoie 17 bte 1
Postcode and name of municipality5590 Ciney
Country name in the event of mail to a foreign address (e.g. France). .
The country name should not be included on mail to Belgian addresses
 For foreign addresses only

The street, house number and box are essential for a proper delivery of mail.
As for a telephone number or an e-mail address, simple rules must be followed to write them: and errors must be avoided:

Example: Rue Courtejoie 17 bte 1

Address elementsDetailed description
Type of streetThe street, house number and box are essential for a proper delivery of mail.
StreetnameThe building number must follow the street name immediately.
Box numberIf the mail item is addressed to a building with multiple boxes, the box number must be stated.
Please note
only use one language in your adressRue de Stalle 103Rue de Stallestraat 103
Write the address in the correct orderRue de l'Evèque 2626 rue de l'Evèque
Use the terms "bte, bus, box, boîte" in front of the box numberRue de la Senne 32 bte 20
Zennestraat 32 bus 20
Rue de la Senne 32 box 32
Rue de la Senne 32 boîte 20
Rue de la Senne 32 b 20
Rue de la Senne 32/20
Rue de la Senne 32#20
Rue de la Senne 32 RdC 1
Rue de la Senne 32 appt 20
Rue de la Senne 32 20
Write the correct street type out in full, or using approved abbreciationsChaussée Romaine
Chée Romaine
Avenue de Broqueville
Av. De Broqueville
Boulevard Poincaré
Frank Craeybeckxlaan
Jos Craeybeckxlaan
Avenue Paul Pasteur
Chau Romaine
Cgh Romaine
Aven. Broqueville

Steenweg op Alsemberg


Paul Pasteur
Do not add additional spaces or punctuation marks, do not deviate from punctuation marks specifiedRue de la Carrière 21-27

Ferdinand Lenoirstraat 29
Rue de la Carrière, 21-27
Rue de la Carrière 21/27
Ferdinand Lenoirstraat        29
Do not add additional information (door, floor, palce, etc.) in line 5Gistelsesteenweg 22 bus 1
Chaussée de Neesrtalle 392 bte 24
Rue de la Princesse
Rue du Travail
Gistelsesteenweg 22 GV A1
Chaussée de Neerstalle 392 2étage appt 3
Rue de la Princesse (La Louvière)
Rue du Travail (L.L.)
Do not insert any blank lines between line 5 and line 6Rue Vanderkindere 171
1180 Uccle
Rue Vanderkindere 171

1180 Uccle
Do not insert any additional lines or information between line 5 and line 6 of the address
Pierre Boulanger
Etage, Appartement 2 Gauche
Place Saint Denis 10
1190 Forest
Pierre Boulanger
Place Saint Denis 10
Etage, Appartement 2 Gauche
1190 Forest

The postcode and the place are also very important. Here are the do’s and the don’ts

Example: 1000 Bruxelles

Address elementsDetailled description
PostcodeBelgian postcodes are made up of four digits (e.g. 4500).
PlaceThe place name directly follows the postcode
Please note
Do not include ISO codes (belgian)Rue du Rabiseau 14
6099 Fleurus
Rue du Rabiseau 14
B- 6099 Fleurus
Do not include foreign ISO codesCalle Teruel 6 box 8
51380 UTEBO
Calle Teruel 6 box 8
Do not add any other information after the postcode and place6001 Charleroi6001 Marcinelle (Charleroi)
Do not use underliningRue de la Chaudronnerie 3
4099 Awans
Rue de la Chaudronnerie 3
4099 AWANS

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Name of box recipient + PO Box + postcode + municipality + post office name.



Three important basic rules:

  • Do not mention "Belgium" if you write a domestic mail
  • Do not use the ISO country code (e.g. FR-, D, CH, etc.). These elements are not used by our machines but can cause errors in the sorting and distribution of the post
  • For any international mail, you must write the country of destination


The name of the country of destination must always be written:

  • On the last line of the address
  • In full and in capitals
  • Without underlining
  • In one of the national languages or in English

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